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Senior Information

San Diego County has many senior oriented services. Many cities offer senior centers and activities. Please refer to this list for available senior services in North San Diego County.

San Diego Network of Care - County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency
Interfaith Community Services Senior Services

City of Oceanside Country Club Senior Center
City of Oceanside El Corazon Senior Center
City of Oceanside Senior Services
City of Oceanside Senior Transportation Services

City of Vista Senior Services

City of Carlsbad Senior Center

San Marcos
City of San Marcos Senior Center
City of San Marcos Senior Services

Transportation Services
FACT San Diego
North County Transit District
ADARide (Transportation for people with disabilities) North county Office: (760) 726-1111

Senior Olympics

Other useful information for seniors

Google "Good to Know" Computer Tips

Snopes.com for checking facts in emails offers and other things you suspect.

About Fraud:

It's sometimes hard to tell if an offer is legitimate. It's probably a scam if:

You get a call, email or postcard from someone telling you you've won a prize and asking for payment to buy something, for processing or administrative fees, for customs, for taxes, or any other reason.
It says you have to take the offer immediately or you'll miss the opportunity.

The call or email claims that you can make huge profits in an investment with no risk. All investments are risky and legitimate companies must tell consumers about the possible risks involved.

The call or email insists that you send your payment by a private courier or wire money. Legitimate companies don't try to keep people from checking the deal out and changing their minds, or try to evade the postal authorities, by demanding immediate payment by courier or wire.

The company asks for cash. Legitimate companies don't ask for cash, but con artists do because they often have trouble getting merchant approval from the credit card companies, and they also want to be hard to trace.

The call or email asks for your social security number, or other personal information.
The call or email asks for your credit card number, bank account number, or other financial information when you aren't buying anything or paying with those accounts.

The company or emails you relentlessly or after you've asked not to be call or emailed anymore. Legitimate companies will take "no" for an answer and will take you off their call or emailing lists if you ask.

The company offers to get you a loan, or credit, or a credit card, or to "repair" your bad credit if you pay an up-front fee. Legitimate lenders and credit card issuers do not demand payment in advance, and no one can get bad information removed from a credit file if it is accurate.

The company offers to get back money that you have lost to another fraudulent scheme if you pay an up-front fee. Law enforcement agencies don't ask for payment to try to help consumers get their money back, and it's illegal for a company to ask for advance payment for such services.

REMEMBER! If you give money to a scam artist, chances are it is gone forever. If you give out personal information, it may be used to break into your credit or bank accounts, or fraudulently use your identity to make purchases and leave you with the debt.